Interactive Worship

Our Interactive Worship page provides resources and activities linked to our weekly collective worship themes, festivals and special events.


Theme:  Who were Jesus' friends?

Values:  Hope, Agape

This week, we will hear the story of how Jesus chose the twelve disciples.  We will consider what it was about these people that made them stand out to Jesus and what plans he had for them.


Theme:  What do we remember during Holy Week?

Values:  Koinonia

As we approach Easter, this week we will be exploring the events of Holy Week and the message of hope they bring.  We will also recognise the incredible expression of Agape love that God gave when He sacrificed Jesus for us all.


Theme:  How can we show Agape love?

Values:  Agape

Agape is the Greek word used in the Bible to describe unconditional, selfless, sacrificial love.  It is the love that God shows to use and that we try to show to Him.  We will explore how we can show our agape love to others in our everyday lives.


Theme:  What will I be when I grow up?

Values:  Hope

It's Science Week, so we will be focusing on the idea of our future opportunities.  We will encourage the children to think about the words of our school slogan and how they can "flourish and achieve" in order to meet their potential as "unique creations of God."


Theme:  Who was the man in the tree?

Values:  Faith, Courage

This week we will hear the story of Zacchaeus, the tax collector.  The story reminds us that Jesus was always willing to spend time with those people who were often rejected by others.


Theme:  Why do we have ashes?

Values:  Faith

As Lent approaches, we will learn about the traditions of Ash Wednesday and find out the significant of receiving the ashes.


Theme:  What does it mean to belong?

Values:  Koinonia, Agape

This week we will be exploring the idea of belong, asking the children to consider which different families and groups they belong to and what it means to belong.

We won't test you, but here is a handy way of learning the books of the Bible...

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