In a modern, technological world, the use of ICT for learning, communication and recreation is an everday part of our children's lives.   At Hob Hill we aim to provide our pupils with the skills and opportunities they need to make effective use of ICT and to be prepared for future technology.

Whilst there are many positives to the use of ICT, there are also negatives.  Therefore an important aspect of the children's learning in ICT is E-safety.  We aim to equip our children with the skills and knowledge they need to avoid such risks as:

      • Cyber-bullying
      • Harmful or upsetting materials
      • Unwanted contacts
      • Computer viruses and 'hacking'

The development of our E-safety strategy is a key element of our curriculum, with plans including:

  • Half-termly E-safety lessons for each class;
  • An E-safety information day/evening for parents;
  • Further links and information on our website;
  • Continued use of The ESCape - an e-safety drama production.

If you have any questions about our use of ICT in school and E-safety processes, please feel free to contact us.

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Want to make sure your computer is fully protected?

Visit the 'Get Safe Online' website for advice.


The videos above, produced by CEOP (The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre), have been used in school to inform children about the dangers of online. You may wish to share them with your children to keep the important messages fresh in their minds.

You can visit the CEOP website by clicking here.

The CEOP 'Thinkuknow' website has sections for different age groups with a range of games, cartoons and activities which help children learn more about e-safety. .

Older children (Y5/6) may also find the BBC Bitesize E-safety activity useful.

E-Safety Week 2014

During w/b 10.2.14, we held our annual E-Safety Week.  This coincided with Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 11th, the theme for which was 'Let's Create a Better Internet Together'Follow the links below to see some of the work the children produced:

Year 5 E-Safety Work


Click here for some excellent parent information:

Parent Internet Factsheet

The Methodist Church's children and young people's team have also produced a very detailed set of guidance for parents, focussing on social media, which can be read here:

Social Media Guidelines for parents.pdf


Our E-Safety Posters:

Here are some of the posters designed by our children as part of a competition on E-Safety day 2013.

If you have any E-Safety Concerns...