School Council


We are the School Council of Hob Hill School. You can ask us questions, or tell us your opinions and ideas about the school. We hope you find our page interesting.


The School Council

Who we are...

Year 1 - Ellie Moore & Daniel Boswell


Year 2- Alfie Knapton & Sofia Yebbou


Year 3- Gracie Clarke & Livy Hoccom


Year 4 - Jenson Smart & Sydney Kilfroy 


Year 5 - Ewan Hurcombe & Aimee Goldsmith


Year 6 - Lexi Deeley & Josh Martin


The School Council will...
*Ensure that children have a voice in decisions made within the school; 
*Plan and lead new initiatives that children have initiated;
*Work with school leaders to ensure that all children's needs are met;
*Evaluate new initiatives and prove impact;
*Ensure that the child's voice is reflected within the school improvement plan.
Committee members will...
*Represent the children in their class by communicating their shared ideas;
*Support the SLT in the recruitment of new staff;
*Represent the school during special events;
*Manage a small budget;
*Support whole school decision making;
*Verbally communicate decisions made to their classes;
*Promote the friendly ethos of the school by setting good examples in and outside of the classroom.
Mrs Smith will...
*Share the staff's ideas about the school with the committee members;
*Ensure that school council think ideas through;
*Support the school council to achieve their aims.