PE, Sports & Physical Activity

As part of a healthy lifestyle, we encourage our pupils to take part in a wide range of physical activity.  This is provided through Physical Education lessons, competitive Sports and other physical activity.  As well as the obvious physical benefits of taking part in these activities, we also recognise and promote the  personal, social and emotional development opportunities sport can offer.

Physical Education

Our PE Curriculum includes:

    • Core Skills
    • Games
    • Athletics
    • Dance
    • Gymnastics
    • Swimming
    • Outdoor & Adventurous Sport

Through the Sports Premium we are working to further extend the range of curriculum PE opportunities, through staff training and new resources.  These include:

    • Fencing
    • Traversing
    • Orienteering

Outdoor and Adventurous Sport

Every summer, our Year 6 pupils have the chance to take part in a residential visit to Laches Wood Outdoor Education Centre.  This provides the children with the opportunity to take part in a range of Outdoor and Adventurous Sports, including:

    • Orienteering
    • Canoeing
    • Archery
    • Climbing
    • Caving
    • BMXing

Progressive Sports

Our PE curriculum is supported by Progressive Sports, a local coaching company, who offer high quality provision for Games, Athletics and other areas of the curriculum.

Coaches from Progressive Sports also support our After-School Clubs programme.

Competitive Sports

We try to provide our children with opportunities to take part in a range of competitive sports events.  These include intra-school tournaments, fixtures against other local schools and District tournaments.

Whilst we are always keen for our pupils to be successful in their sporting endeavours, we also promote the old adage, "It's not the winning, but the taking part that counts!"


Walk, Ride or Scoot!

We encourage our pupils and parents (where possible) to travel to school in a healthy and environmentally friendly way.  Many pupils walk, cycle or scoot to school.  We provide cycle and scooter storage on site.  Each year we support the Walk to School Week campaign.

We also provide our children with training by qualified instructors to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence of safe road use.

Reception - Balance Bikes

Year 3 - Scooterability

Year 5 - Bikeability