Welcome to Elm class!

We are so excited to see you all back at school. We are looking forward to the year ahead and having lots of fun together. 

This year may seem a little bit different but remember we are here to help you. If you have any questions please come to us. 

Mrs  Whitehouse, Mrs Bloomer and Mrs Bagwell.  

Class information:

Teachers: Mrs Whitehouse and Mrs Bloomer

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bagwell

Reading book: A new book will ne sent home every Monday and must be returned on Friday.

Spelling tests will be every Wednesday.

Can you please return your spelling sheet on a Wednesday.  

Monday 19th October

This week's poem is Welly Boots by Michael Rosen. This poem links well to the autumn walk we did last week and how we will all be wearing our wellington boots a lot more this season! Can you pick out any rhyming words?


 Homework | The Forest High School

Homework provides opportunities for children to practise key skills. At Hob Hill, there is an expectation that all children should complete the following activities on a regular basis:


Reading (daily)


Times table practise using Times Table Rockstars (daily)


Spelling practise for weekly spelling tests using Spelling Shed/ homework spelling sheets.

Additional tasks can be selected from the Homework Web which will be added to this page soon.


Purple Mash has a wide variety of educational games to support learning as well as coding activities.

Click below to enter sites and login.


Useful Websites:

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Physical Education:


PE will be taught on Monday and Wednesday afternoon. On these days you need to come into school in your PE kit.

Children should wear the following outdoor kits:

  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms and jacket.
  • Trainers
  • T-shirt in the colour of your child's team. 

How many of these awesome books can you read this year? 

Image result for sats

Throughout the country, children in Year 2 sit SATS tests during the month of May. At Hob Hill they are a low key affair and will be conducted with minimal fuss so that they are part of our everyday learning. More information will be available to parents nearer the time along with a parents meeting which will enable you to ask questions. 

What tests do the children take?
There are papers in:
Reading (2 papers, 40 marks, about 70 minutes)
Mathematics (2 papers, 60 marks, about 55 minutes)
English grammar, punctuation and spelling (2 papers, 40 marks, about 35 minutes) 


How are the tests marked?
At Key Stage 1, the teachers in your child’s school will mark the SATs papers. The mark your child gets in each test is called the ‘raw score’ (out of 40 for Reading, out of 60 for Mathematics, out of 40 for Grammar, punctuation and spelling). This ‘raw score’ for each test will be translated into a ‘scaled score’, which will show how well your child has done against the expected standard. Children need to achieve a scaled score of 100 to meet the expected standard. Above 100 means they are exceeding the expected standard; below 100 means they are still working towards the expected standard.