Be Hob Hill

Our slogan ‘Be Hob Hill’ represents the positive behaviours and attitudes we expect from our pupils.

We ask the children to follow three simple rules in order to Be Hob Hill:
Be Ready
Be Respectful
Be Safe
These rules are underpin by our Christian Values:
Be Ready
Faith:         We teach the children to have faith in their own abilities, and to know that God is guiding and
                   supporting them in all they do.
Hope:         We teach the children to aim high and believe in the possibility of fulfilling their potential as unique
                   creations of God.


Courage:   We teach the children to be resilient learners who are equipped and ready to tackle challenges, in

                   the knowledge that God is with them.


Be Respectful

Koinonia:  We teach the children to respect all members of the school community, working in fellowship to

                   achieve shared goals.

Agape:       We teach the children that we should love and value all people unconditionally, showing kindness,

                   compassion and forgiveness.

Be Safe

Koinonia:   We teach our the children to make appropriate choices to keep themselves and others safe, valuing

                    all people as God's children.


Courage:    We teach the children to manage risks, in order to take on new challenges, stretch their limits

                   and grow as learners, so that they might achieve their God-given potential.