Inclusion Committee

Who are we?

Year 1: Summer & Charlie

Year 2: Ava & Archie

Year 3: Lily & Charlotte

Year 4: Charlotte & Chloe

Year 5: Jamie & Neve

Year 6: Lucy & Oliver

Miss Conway

Mrs Jarvis

What do we do?

The Inclusion Committee will…

  • Plan inclusion themes throughout the year;
  • Plan and lead inclusion collective worship;
  • Evaluate inclusion and find out others’ views;

Committee members will…

  • Share their ideas about inclusion in committee meetings;
  • Find out ideas about inclusion from their classes;
  • Share ideas from inclusion committee meetings with our classes;

Inclusion Governor will…

  • Work with the inclusion committee;
  • Discuss the children’s ideas about inclusion;

 Miss Conway will…

  • Arrange meetings of the inclusion committee;
  • Share the staff’s ideas about inclusion with the committee;

If you would like more information or have any ideas then please come and see us.