Eco Committee

This year, our committee is made up of... 

Liam and Raiya (year 1)

Ashton and Connie (Year 2)

Oscar and Lucy (Year 3)

Jamie and Neve (Year 4)

Melody and Oliver (Year 5)

Fleur and Ryan (Year 6)

We are responsible for discussing issues that arise regarding the eight areas of 'Eco.' These are... 

  1. Litter - we have to consider safe ways to dispose of and recycle our waste. 
  2. Waste - we need to think about how we can encourage everyone to dispose of their waste correctly. 
  3. Energy - we are responsible for making sure that our school is not wasting energy.
  4. Water - are we wasting water? Does everyone have access to clean drinking water in school?
  5. Healthy Living - we take an active role in promoting healthy living and healthy lifestyles. 
  6. School grounds - we can check if our school site is safe and is being used efficiently. 
  7. Global citizenship - are you involved in the wider community? Can we foster links between our school and another school from a different area?
  8. Transport - we have to think about our carbon footprint and how we can reduce the number of cars that are on the roads.

This year, we have had lots of positive discussions around these ideas. At the moment, our main focus has been on making it clear to others about the importance of throwing our litter away or recycling it if we are able to. 

TOP TIP: Now the weather is warming up and we are able to use the school field at break times, it is important to remember to throw your rubbish away, even though the bins are on the playground. Please don't put litter in your pockets as it could fall out! Try to encourage other children to do the right thing. Thank you!