Worship Council


We are the Worship Council of Hob Hill School. You can ask us questions, or tell us your opinions and ideas about Worship. We hope you find our page interesting.


Worship Committee

Who we are...


Year 2 - Isabelle & Tyler

Year 3 - Hollie & Alfie

Year 4 - Noah & Amalija

Year 5 - Ruby & Isabelle

Year 6 - Luke &Lily

Mrs Bloomer

Rev George

What we do...

The Worship Council…

  • Plan worship themes for each term;
  • Plan and lead acts of collective worship;
  • Work with the ministers from our two churches to plan services;
  • Evaluate collective worship and find out others’ views;

Council members…

  • Share their ideas about worship in committee meetings;
  • Find out ideas about worship from their classes;
  • Share ideas from worship council meetings with our classes;

Church Ministers…

  • Work with the worship council to plan and lead services;
  • Discuss the children’s ideas about worship;

Mrs Bloomer…

  • Arrange meetings of the worship council;
  • Share the staff’s ideas about worship with the council;
  • Produce and share a termly collective worship plan.