Interactive Worship

Our Interactive Worship page provides resources and activities linked to our weekly collective worship themes, festivals and special events.


Theme:  Why do we have school rules?

Values:  Koinonia

Rules are really important!  But why?  This week we will explore the idea of rules, thinking about why we have them, what would happen if we did not have rules and focussing on our our school rules: Ready, Respectful, Safe.


Theme:  What is the Trinity?

Values:  Faith

This week, we will be exploring the tricky concept of the Trinity in preparation for Trinity Sunday on 30th May. We will find out about the three persons of God and what they mean to our relationship with Him.


Theme:  How was Jesus' message shared?

Values:  Faith & Courage

This week we will learn about the events of Pentecost - the Birth of the church! We will find out about God's gift of the Holy Spirit and think about how this can help us to share God's Good News.


Theme:  The Big Ask

This week we will be introducing The Big Ask - a campaign launched by the Children's Commissioner, Dame Rachel de Souza, to explore the views of children and young people about how their life chances can be improved.

To take part, visit:


Theme:  All Creatures Great and Small

Values:  Courage

The children in Y3H asked the question, "How can we care for and look after animals around the world?"  We will explore this idea, thinking about the responsibility that God gave us when he created the world.

We won't test you, but here is a handy way of learning the books of the Bible...

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