Our governing board has overall responsibility for the running of the school.  Governors work closely with the school leadership team and staff to plan improvement strategies to make Hob Hill the best school it can be.

The governing board is made up of parents and staff, as well as Church, community and local authority representatives.

If you would like more information about our governing board, please contact:

  • Mr Nigel Argust, Chair of Governors
  • Mrs Vickie Roberts, Vice Chair of Governors
  • Mrs Lisa Gallear, Staff Governor (Bursar)

They can be contacted via the school office.

The governing board meets five times per year.  There are also separate committees for Finance, Pay, Appeals, Headteacher Performance Management, which meet termly or as required.  Minutes of full governing board meetings can be found below.  A copy of our 'instrument of government', which details the constitution of our governing board, can be found here.


Our Governing Board





Term Committees Roles Attendance* Declarations#
Anna Ambrose Local Authority Local Authority 05.06.21 1/1 TBC
Nigel Argust Co-opted Governing Board 29.01.21



Chair 5/5 None
Kay Barlow Foundation Diocese 05.06.21 1/1 TBC
Jean Brown Co-opted Governing Board 31.08.19 Appeals Mathematics 2/5 None
Carolynne Folliss Co-opted associate Governing Board 26.06.20 Finance 4/4 None
Lisa Gallear Staff Staff Election 17.06.20 Finance 3/5 None
Rev George Holding Foundation Ex-officio (C of E) n/a Appeals 4/5 None
Rebecca Jarvis Parent Parent Election 26.06.20 SEND 3/5 None
Melody Jones Foundation Ex-officio (Methodist) 25.01.21




4/5 None
Ben Preston Headteacher Appointment n/a Finance 3/5 None
Vickie Roberts Co-opted Parent Governing Board 31.08.19



Vice Chair

Finance Chair


5/5 None
Ruth Smith Co-opted Staff Appointment 15.11.19 Finance 3/5 (Maternity) None
Mat Walker Parent Parent Election 18.11.17



4/5 None


*Attendance during the last 12 months during the governors term of office.

#Declarations of any financial or business interests that might affect their role.

Governors Minutes

Minutes from full governing body meetings are available below: