Mrs Aguilera, Mrs Holyhead and Mrs Davies welcome you to the Hob Hill Nursery class page.

In Nursery this half term we have been very busy settling back in after the holidays.

We are currently focussing on basic skills such as:

  • Putting on our own coats
  • Holding a pencil correctly
  • Getting undressed and dressed for P.E independently
  • Speaking and listening skills
  • Playing cooperatively with our friends
  • Keeping Nursery tidy and looking after our resources

Ways you can help at home:

  • Encourage your child to put their own coat on (see video of a 'magic way' below)
  • Model the correct pencil grip to your child when they choose to mark make (see photo below)
  • Allow your child the time to get themselves dressed in the morning, especially buttons!
  • Encourage your child to tidy up their own toys with your help


Firefighter visit...

The children were very lucky to have a visit from some real firefighters.  They showed us the fire engine, the equipment and tools that they use and even let us sit inside!

We also had a safety talk and learnt how to keep ourselves safe from fire.  Remember: "Fire fire never touch, it will hurt you very much."

The favourite part for most of the children was spraying the fire hose!

Traditional tales...

This half term the children have been interested in hearing some traditional tales.  As well as reading them we have used puppets to retell them and made som. 


We have focussed on:

  • The three little pigs
  • Goldilocks and the three bears
  • Little red riding hood

Watch some traditional tales with your child using this link:

Here are some things that you could do at home with your child:


-Talk to them about the characters.  What are they like? What do they do?

-Talk to them about the structure of the story.  What happens first? Then what happens?

-Talk to them about the setting of the story.  Does it take place in a cottage? Some woods?



Useful links

Topmarks - full of interactive games that you can play on your phone/tablet with your child.


Phonics Play - focus on listening skills with some fun games


Jump Start Jonny - has some free keep fit videos that you can follow with your child.  We use this as our warm up for P.E


BBC School radio - lots of nursery rhymes and counting songs to sing with your child